Siri Smart SpeakerPosted on 6. May, 2017

When will Siri Smart Speaker hit the market?

Top MAC/OS X Apps 2017Posted on 6. May, 2017

A list of the absolutely best Mac OS X in 2017

Mood Stabilizing Turned My Life From Being Sad To Being BoredPosted on 2. May, 2017

My current mood is somehow stabilized. Which is great. Except it is starting to feel boring. I’ve been thinking about this lately and am trying to think of ways to add more passion to my day-to-day life. I miss the excitement and the elation and the alive-ness of my hypomanic episodes sometimes (though I definitely […]

Effects On Lamotrigine MedicinePosted on 2. May, 2017

Today the blog post will be about my current state of personalty and how it goes with my new medicine, which is an anticonvulsant. I started out with 25mg and now 1.5-2 months after, I’m currently on a dosage of 200mg a day. The medicine somehow makes my mood stabilized at the point where I […]

NoahPosted on 2. May, 2017

For quite some time ago, I went to this big theater we got in the city where I live to see Noah, a Danish artists who got popular very fast. I love his voice

Apple Autonomous Car SpottedPosted on 1. May, 2017

The first Apple autonomous car spotted Just weeks after receiving official approval, an Apple self-driving car has been seen making its way through the streets of Silicon Valley. The Lexus fitted with various sensors is the latest entrant in the quest to make driverless cars commercially viable. Apple, a late comer, likely will face fierce […]

Your Perspective Of Life Will Change After Reading ThisPosted on 1. May, 2017

I haven’t been posting the last couple of days, I’m sorry! I’ve had a stressed time finding security holes the danish healthcare system, where people with bad intentions could use SQL injectons or use javascript to login. It’s hard to explain, maybe you will get the story another day. I don’t got so much to […]

Gold Mercedes BenzPosted on 22. April, 2017

Okay, this is probably the coolest car I’ve ever seen. Gold is my favorite color, but in my country, you can’t make your car too shiny, because it reflects into other drivers eyes and they lose their focus. This is a Mercedes Benz painted with shiny gold. Isn’t that like the coolest thing ever? I […]

MPlayerXPosted on 22. April, 2017

Warning about suspected software This is just a little morning update on a very important thing. Recently, a lot of people found this “MPlayerX” video player which was like VLC but much better. Seems faster, better functions, user interface was much more pretty etc. So many people changed their old beloved VLC with MPlayerX and […]

Scooter Project – Honda SFXPosted on 21. April, 2017

Okay, I know that I will turn 27 in 14 days, but my bad criminal past has got me banned from getting drivers license in 8 years. Yes, you read that right, 8 years. Another thing is that my city is under total reconstruction, so you can’t even get around the city, even if you […]

A life in Denmark surrounded by people wandering around with their heads unattached

What if I told you, that no matter how crazy you might think it is, I would be better off living in a country where I have to pay for my own healthcare?
What if I told you, that no matter how much you’ve heard about Denmark being a fantastic country, you are being mislead.
What if I told you, that the country known for the best healthcare system in the world, haven’t even found a way to relieve just a tiny bit of the mental war going on in my head?

Hello, my name is Mads Silver Björck, also known as Angerfox. This is my world, my point of views and my opinions. Have a nice ride.