I will upload this list form time to time with my favorite Chrome Extensions. So many people are using browsers without installing plugins and I don’t understand that.
Plugins make your browser so much better and more handy.

In my opinion, it’s better to keep extensions low so it dosn’t take too many resources.


This plugin is a must for a internet shopper. On every site you shop, it will or you can make it go through a database and/or internet search database to find coupon codes and campaigns to give you a bargain.
Several times I’ve found 80% discount on pages.

Download here

AD Block Plus

I know the internet is run by ads,and some pages aren’t even able to reach with an AD Block plugin installed.
I would recommend you to exclude the pages you support and block the pages you dont fuck a f*ck about.
If you support a site, you do them a big favor by seeing and interacting with the ads.

Download here

Chrome Remote Desktop

Chrome Remote Desktop enables you to enlist the help of a trusted resource for help in diagnosing and resolving problems with your computer through the internet.

Using Chrome Remote Desktop you can share access to your computer with an individual you trust, who will then be able to view your computer screen and control your computer remotely, just as if they were sitting beside you helping in person.Sharing is fully secured, access is given only to the specific person you identify, and only on a one-time basis. If you are an IT helpdesk professional, Chrome Remote Desktop provides you with a simple and secure means to troubleshoot and resolve problems with your users’ systems without having to leave your desk.

Download here

WordPress Admin Bar Control

Hide & show the admin bar with one easy click!

If you work with WordPress on a frequent basis you may have a love/hate relationship with the admin bar. The admin bar is exceptionally handy when jumping between the front and backend of a site or when writing content but it can also get in the way when doing design or trying to build the aesthetics of a site.

Download here

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