1996-2006 | Primary School (Student)
2003-2004 | Work at Trekanten Horticultural Gartner)
2004-2005 | Work at Toftly Horticultural (Gartner)
2004-2005 | Commercial Printing Factory (Assistent)
2005-2006 | Statoil Service Station (Service Assistent)
2006-2007 | Online Telemarketing (Telemarketing Manager)
2006-2007 | 10th grade (Afterschool)
2007-2008 | Carpenter Basic Course
2008-Now   | Computing Freelancer based on programming, graphics etc.


Software: Adobe Photoshop, Ableton Live, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Powerpoint.
Programming: PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, jQuery
Working Areas: PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, jQuery, Servers, Networks, Troubleshooting, Hardware, Software.
OS Experience / Mastering: All windows platforms, all linux platforms, all Mac/OSX platforms.

Other Experiences

– Working with networks, setting up network, fixing network problems, troubleshooting.
– Troubleshooting everything about Linux, OSX and Windows.
– Repairing computers, a lot of knowledge about hardware.

– Overcloking skills.
– Administrating websites.
– Everything about wordpress. Programming, theming, plugins, troubleshooting, SEO etc.
– Making graphics for websites and apps.
– Programming websites in PHP using MySQL databases.
– 100% MySql/phpMyAdmin knowledge.

About Me

My name is Mads Silver Björck. I’m a 27 years old autodidact programmer, graphics worker and IT expert. I do everything that’s related to IT. There’s very few things I can’t master on a computer and that counts for both Linux, Windows and OSX.

Mastered Languages: English, Danish

Understandable Languages: German and a little bit Dutch and Spanish.

What Am I Searching For?

I am searching for a work that’s related to computing. Everything related to graphics, programming, administrating, wordpress configuration, SEO, ads etc. I am interested in.
I don’t have any education in the IT work, but I can ensure you that you will be surprised about my knowledge. I have always been working with computers on freelance basic, but people always told be that I had to go further, so now I am searching for a job where you can fit my needs.
I am very engaged, focused, concentrated and doesn’t quit a job until it’s done. When I start doing something, I can’t let it go before it’s finished.

I hope you could use this C.V. and I am looking forward to hear from you.

Kind regards,

– Mads Silver Björck