Okay, today I’ve been on Lamotrigine for a month. I’m at 50mg atm. and my goal is to reach 200mg (according to the doctor and regulated if I feel any bad side effects).
A month has gone and all the side effects you get when starting has almost gone away. I only got one side effect and that was a constant change of being hyperactive and then getting tired. I am still having this side effect, but when I feel tired, I will find something to concentrate about, until my tiredness has gone way, so I won’t ruin my sleep cycle.

Lamotrigine is a mood stabilizer and perscribed to me for the reason that my mood goes up and down all the time. And by that I mean going from depressed to really depressed. The medicine has started working, I don’t feel annoyed by life when I wake up and I am more stable than before I got the medicine. That’s a good sign, but I still feel this rollercoaster of changing mood, so I know that the dosage should be increased which already is the plan. They are increasing the dosage pretty slowly. I’ve done some research and because I get such a little amount of side effects that doesn’t annoy me, I would be able to get a higher dosage much faster. But that’s Denmark in a nutshell (Offtopic: Did you know that Denmark is the only country in the world with charges on nuts? – that’s pretty nuts if you ask me πŸ˜‚

Due to my former addiction I can’t get my ADHD medicine. I used to get extended release Methylphenidate (same substance as in Ritalin – the most known title of the substance Methylphenidate), but I can’t get it anymore due to the fact that the medicine as addictive and should not be given to an addict.
Please, Denmark, listen to me. I would not use the medicine in any forms of recreational use, only on medicational purposes.
This medicine is the only one on the non-ending list of medications that helps me with my concentrations, motivation, impulsivity, temper and self awareness. It also keeps my thoughts on one task instead of my brain wanting to think about everything in the world but not the task I am currently doing.
ADHD medicine together with my Lamotrigine would be a great combination. When the effect of Methylphenidate wears off, the Lamotrigine would stabilize the mood swings (many with ADHD feels bad mood in the evening, because you can’t take your medicine too close to your bedtime, because it will prevent you from falling aswell. In my case, I should be taking my last dose of Methylphenidate no later than 5PM because I usually go to bed between 10 and 11:30 PM. Everybody with ADHD will get their usual mood back in the evening, because they are not affected by the medicine. This is kind of a dilemma, because you have to be under the effect of the medication all the time you are awake.

This is where Lamotrigine comes into the story. It would stabilize the mood swings that comes when the effect of Methylphenidate wears off.
Also, Lamotrigine does not give me motivation, concentration or anything related to, so ADHD medicine should be mandatory in my case, even though I am a former drug addict.

I have been looking my entire life for some medicine that takes away my mood swings which was the reason that I ended up getting an addiction. The system couldn’t find any medicine that was working for me, so it led me to buying medicine on the streets which went out of control before I even was able to think about the big problem I was about to lead myself into.

I’ve been trying to use this so called welfare system (that we Danish people are known for), for 16 years now in the psychiatric system. And here I am, 16 years later getting Lamotrigine which seems to work great, but let’s see what happens when I reach the correct dose and I have been on the medicine for a while. I got my reasons NOT to be optimistic, because I’ve tried so many different substances and they did nothing to me but harm.

If you reach for help with mental issues here in Denmark, even if you’re just sad because your loved one left you or because a family member died, you will get prescribed SSRI (anti-depressive) medicine. Listen up! There is a huuuuge difference between having a depression and feeling depressed. Feeling depressed is a normal feeling that we humans are able to feel. When you know the reason for being depressed, like if your loved one left you, you haven’t got a depression, you are depressed and therefor you should not be medicated. If your Serotonin receptors are fine which they still can be while you are sad, giving you SSRI (anti-depressive) medicine would most likely give you serotonin-syndrome which means that you actually WILL develop a depression. That’s so wrong, but remember, doctors are also commission paid, and when you get to the apothecary, they ask you “I can see that this is prescribed for you, do you want the cheapest version available instead?” – you know why the cheapest wasn’t prescribed already? Because doctors get commission from the company they got a deal with.

I know people and so should you, people love money, the more the better. Working on a job where you are commission paid, just because you got a high degree and you’re a doctor, it doesn’t include that your morality and ethics are right. So doctors may abuse this commission payment and prescribe more medicine than people need. That leads to more and more people getting mental disorders due to long term side effects of medicine they didn’t even needed in the first place.

Also, entering the Danish world of mental healthcare system, you will most likely get prescribed Truxal (Chlorprothixene) which is an antipsychotic medicine that does more harm than help you. They also use this medicine for people with insomnia, and if Truxal doesn’t work, they will just give you Seroquel (Quetiapine) which is also an antipsychotic medicine.

Getting tired from those substances is a side effect that should taper off after a while. Tell me, since when did we start to use medicines side effects as main effect for a mental health problem? Giving antipsychotics for insomnia is fucking crazy and totally unacceptable. Very few people got the knowledge about medicine that I have (people like me, no doctor, no education), so they are just accepting the doctor because they are highly trusted (don’t know why). So the people are happy because they are finally able to sleep, but when the side effects taper off, they no longer get the sleep aid from the medicine, but they start to feel how shitty you will feel, especially if your body doesn’t need it.

Antipsychotics are for people with severe aggressive behaviour, self harm or people with schizophrenia. And that is a fact. A big F like in a FUCKING FACT!

You might ask yourself: “how does he know all this?” – simple answer: even if you aren’t educated by a system/school/university/etc. you still got the ability to study yourself, and when you have spend 16 years getting medication that does more harm than good, you wake up every day with hatred to the world and you are unhappy throughout all of the day, I can tell you that self-studying the world of psychiatrics and drugs becomes your main interest.

When educated people makes so many mistakes in the most important subject in the world – human health – you better educate yourself or end up getting even more screwed than you even were before.

I think that was enough for today. Have a nice day and thanks for reading ☺️

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