Today the blog post will be about my current state of personalty and how it goes with my new medicine, which is an anticonvulsant.
I started out with 25mg and now 1.5-2 months after, I’m currently on a dosage of 200mg a day.

The medicine somehow makes my mood stabilized at the point where I no longer got suicidal thoughts. You can still have thoughts of life not worth living, but you’re just looking forward to dying instead. This is how I can explain the effects of the medicine.

I thought this medicine was gonna stabilize my mood at some point where I thought life was worth living, but I still don’t. I’m bored to death, I do nothing but read and conversate with people online all day long. I’m still antisocial as hell.

At the point of being at 200mg, I am very disappointed. I researched before I started the treatment and found out that while tapering up, you should suddenly wake up and be happy about my life.

Either my metabolism is sky high or maybe I need a higher dosage or maybe I’m just fucked.

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