Warning about suspected software

This is just a little morning update on a very important thing. Recently, a lot of people found this “MPlayerX” video player which was like VLC but much better. Seems faster, better functions, user interface was much more pretty etc.
So many people changed their old beloved VLC with MPlayerX and this MPlayerX is recommended everywhere.

But when I updated yesterday, my Malwarebytes found several viruses. I also use ADWcleaner which Malwarebytes has bought now, so I am and have always been secured on my computer.

I wrote an email to MPlayerX and uninstalled the application + submitted the virus infected files to an online database.

Sad that a software with such a great potential already tries to cheat their users. No more MPlayerX, I’ll stick to good old VLC.

So what is going to happen this great saturday? I don’t know yet, but I’ll keep you up to date later. Just needed to get this warning out to the people.

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