Okay girls, first of all, take a look at all the struggles of men that women fail to understand.

Just came home from the doctor. Needed some blood tests to check my metabolism because it might be unstable. I am also suffering from psoriasis on my nose and my scalp which annoys me very much. He sent me to a skin doctor and I got a booking next week. I hope they can get me some cream or shampoo that helps. I’m tired of my nose being red all the time and skin flakes are falling off.

Today, I haven’t got any plans at all. Just going to relax and maybe do some gaming. Do you know the feeling of wanting something you can’t afford, so all of your thoughts are about this object you want and you can’t get it out of your head? Yes, that’s me thinking about getting a Nikon 750D and a Tokina ultra wide angle lens for landscape photos.
My last camera got stolen and I was very sad about this. My camera, my memory cards, my tripod, my remote control, my filters (like 7 different), four lenses, extra batteries and my camera backpack where I had space for all this.

I think everything is a mess at the moment. No updates on my new medication, I still feel a little bit more stable, not as depressed as I was 14 days ago. My anger is still there but a part of it has disappeared. The only side effect I get is intervals of getting extremely tired and extremely energized. When I get tired, it’s almost somnolence. I could easily fall asleep sitting on my chair which is something that i don’t used to be able to do.

Okay, I’ll admit, I wished that my doctor looked like this. But it would be kind of weird, because he is a man.

And now, girls touching another girls vagina for det first time.

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