Okay, I know that I will turn 27 in 14 days, but my bad criminal past has got me banned from getting drivers license in 8 years. Yes, you read that right, 8 years.
Another thing is that my city is under total reconstruction, so you can’t even get around the city, even if you got a driver. That means bicycle and scooter is the best means of transport you are able to use.
The inner child showed himself and I chose the scooter option. I found my favorite scooter which is Honda SFX, because it’s the scooter with most hk with standard parts, and I don’t wanna get involved with police etc.

This Is My Scooter

Let Me Explain Why I Chose Honda SFX

– As I told above, Honda SFX is the scooter with the most HK with default parts.
– I like the long backscreen that many people saw off. I don’t know why, but it’s fucking awesome. It’s like the only scooter that won’t destroy your jacket because it throws dirt on your back!
– Honda SFX got the front light attached to the front cover and not steering cover. That means you are able to drive with a nice naked steer legally, because many scooters got light in the steering cover, so you are not able to remove. And naked steer looks awesome.
– I like the Honda SFX design. Looks sporty.
– One screw in the bottom of the helm storage and you can remove the box and fix whatever you want.
– It’s a stable scooter. Starts every time and drives like a dream.
– There is lots of space for a passenger (even though it’s illegal in Denmark.
– Foot plate got space enough for big feet!

My Plans

– Orange covers is going to get colored with white.
– Blue covers are going to get painted by a vert well known artist, it’s going to be awesome.
– The saddle is going to get new leather that is totally white.
– Motor should get glass blown and polished for chrome finish.
– Scooter frame is going to get glass blown and powder coating to prevent corrosion.
– Steer covers might be removed to get a nice naked steer. Looks cool. and there is space for digital speed and temperature information.

Enough With The Scooter

What happened today? I went to a meeting with the doctor again and got another appointment again. Then I went to my buddy to grab some money, I went to another “buddy” that promised me money, but when I arrived, he wasn’t even at home and stopped answering as soon as I wrote I was nearby his home. What a douchebag. Then I went with my mother to “Jensens Bøfhus” which is a Danish restaurant store selling chicken, salad and steaks with pommes and sauce. Afterwards, I went home and optimized the page by 50% load time because I improved caching settings, I installed some new plugins and now I’m here writing this blog post.

I hope you will have a nice evening people ☺️

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