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In-home internet-connected smart speakers with AI capabilities like the Amazon Echo and the Google Home have been growing in popularity and are the latest must-have tech product, and Apple is rumored to be gearing up to enter the speaker arena and launch a competing product.

Apple is said to be developing an Echo-like smart home speaker that features Siri integration. Much of what’s been said about the device makes it sound similar to the Amazon Echo, with rumors suggesting it will play music, respond to voice commands and queries, and control smart home products.

Sound quality is said to be a differentiating factor between Apple’s device and the Amazon Echo, with Apple aiming for better speaker and microphone technology. Described as having “excellent acoustics performance,” the speaker is said to run a version of iOS and it may include some sort of Beats technology, as well as support AirPlay.

Facial recognition could be an included feature, allowing the device to detect which member of a household is in the room and adjust accordingly, and it may also support integration with a variety of third-party apps, following the introduction of the iOS 10 SDK that allows developers to add Siri integration to their apps.

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