For my entire life, I have been hating sundays. They are always boring and makes me sad sometimes. I don’t know why.
Today I started my day by going to the doctor to get my medicine, afterwards I went to a buddy who owed me some money. Money is kind of a problem for me at the moment, because my last relationship ended up with her stealing all my things.

I live in Denmark and this system sucks. Police refuse to do anything and the bailiff law can’t help me aswell. I had my address at the apartment but only she was signed on the apartment contract.

All the things I’ve spend my entire life getting are now gone. There is several heirlooms and stuff that can’t be replaced. Either because it’s something unique or something with a sentimental value.

So now I am trying to get help from my insurance company and if they won’t help, I’m going to cancel the insurance instantly while telling them how much I hate them for spending my money on insurance that doesn’t even help me. I even chose the most expensive home insurance with an included even risk and also free legal advice from lawyer.

If it ends up with no help from insurance company, I will sue that bitch so she’s going to pay for all this mess she made in my life.

I am going to win this case, but I don’t know how yet. I am waiting for the insurance company to reply.

Fingers crossed. I need my 300.000,- DKK!

Okay, enough with the bad mood and fuck that bitch.

Here’s a lovely video. An old man was not allowed to build a garage where he lives. So he didn’t give a shit and came up with this genius idea πŸ™‚

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