Incase you followed the TenX project, I can inform you that TenX beta is now released on Google Play. Don’t know about AppStore.
TenX is a platform where you can get a physical credit card and pay with bitcoin on your TenX account.

TenX is still beta, but you can already order a credit card for an amount of $15.


Different Bit Cards?

Well, there’s a lot of credit card services for paying with bitcoin, but this specific card is more special in my opinion.
It’s possible to buy bitcoins inside the application.

The app says “Coming Soon” when clicking on depositing with bank transfer. As you can see below, it’s also possible to buy bitcoin at 7/11! That is also coming soon.
Imagine that. “I need to go to 7/11 to buy some bitcoins”.
That’s pretty damn awesome if you ask me.

Buying bitcoin with FIAT credit card will be released in the future.


The application is 4 digit password and/or fingerprint protected and you got several settings to change.

You can get notifications or sms notifications.
You can choose your own native currency to display.
I think this app and concept is great, and I’m looking forward to receive my credit card.

Only thing is, that you should only deposit small amounts of money to your wallet.
YOU DO NOT control your own keys. It’s an online wallet.

Download for Android here:

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