A list of the absolutely best Mac OS X in 2017


Email: Airmail

Airmail is my favorit email client on both OS X and iOS. I don’t use iOS atm, but Android, but if I had a iOS phone, Airmail would be #1 as on my mac.

The interface is lovely, nice sounds, nice graphics, overall nice settings easy to set up email accounts, even the most popular ones are able to be added automatically just by loggging in.

Another thing, if you want

Download Here

Media Player: VLC

VLC has been numero uno for Media Player since Media Player Classic in Windows. Easy to add subtitles, choose subtitles build into video files etc.

Not a long time ago, another application called MPlayerX was announced as the new substitute for VLC. But no! Malwarebytes told me the application was virus infected. The application had a nice interface overall (Miss updated UI in VLC), it worked like a charm.

But before the majory of people installed this app, they probaly already had so many users they they tried to use some kind of fraud, because there is was a warning message from Malwarebytes.

Download Here

Browser: Google Chrome

I don’t think you’ve missed this one. Incase you did, I must say that your future looks dark. Google Chrome is a browser you can’t be able not to know

I normally don’t trust big companies, but I do know a lot of safety, and the source code for Google Chrome is released inside the Chroium OS computers, so there’s no potential backdoors in this browser.

What if I told you that Windows Edge / Internet Explorer we’re the most unsafe shitty browsers ever made? Uninstall, remove, purge, do something, get rid of that shit.

Download here

Music: Spotify

I want to try all different softwares, becaise even though I like my current, maybe I liked another one better.

Even though I tried all the services as they provide first month free (those that didn’t wasn’t in my interest. All software should a trial or if it’s subscribable, give customers a time for free to see if it suits them.

Spotify was the first music streaming service, the user interface is awesome, music quality is perfect and never any bugs. Even if my internet decides to go low on speed suddenly, it still plays songs instantly.

Spotify is the only one of it’s kind that supports Linux. I am a Linux user on my third computer, and I like listening to music whatever OS I’m on. People using YouTube for music are way outdated.

Download here


Everyone caring about security just a LITTLE BIT should have a VPN installed on their computer as a mandatory software

Let me explain; VPN stand for Virtual Private Network. When using a VPN service, you can choose different places in the world, and that’s where your IP leads to. So no matter what site you visit, they won’t have your private IP information.

VPN is the first part of securing a computer together with a firewall. NordVPN offers a 3 day trial of the bought version.

Download Here

Facebook: Goofy Messenger

I hate being logged into Facebook. So many ads, things running in the background etc. but it’s stille nice to be able to write on a keyboard instead of a smartphone. I am a fast smartphone write, but I am able to type at the same speed as a normal person talks.

Goofy is an unofficial Facebook Messenger client for OS X. I almost never open FB anymore, I just use Goofy and then my firewall to make sure that no connection that shouldn’t be there, is etablished.

Download Here

To Be Continued

To be continued. Gotta walk the dog, get some food etc.

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